Boudreaux Chiropractic is a complete family chiropractic wellness facility. We use the latest diagnostic and research technologies to help people of all ages to be healthy and pain free. We also treat all types of athletes recover from injuries and improve their performance. You can get relief from spinal misalignments and all kinds of musculo-skeletal conditions. And improve your ability to move through exercise rehabilitation. Reduce your pain, improve your quality of life and feel healthier and move with greater ease by finding and correcting the CAUSE of your problems.

Mission:  Boudreaux chiropractic is committed to serve each patient and our community with complete, individualized, specific chiropractic care.  We provide the highest quality service to each patient and customize a care plan that is as unique as you are. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your health goals and regain lost health potential.  We believe that everyone needs to have their spine checked and cared for over a lifetime, so that quality of life, longevity, and health are preserved.  This Is possible without the use of drugs and surgery through committed chiropractic care.

Vision:  We would love to see every man, woman, and child in this world achieving optimal function of their bodies utilizing specific chiropractic care to eliminate interference within their nervous system.

Purpose: We strive to be leaders and examples in our community, helping others to achieve health, happiness, and true wellness through patient education and chiropractic care.

Boudreaux Chiropractic
150  Shoreline Highway 
Building C, Suite 33
Mill Valley, California 94941

In case of emergencies:
Cell: 415-306-1166